Blackjack strategy

Basic blackjack rules knowledge is not enough to help gamblers win consistently at the tables. We have gathered strategies for black jack games as an addition to the basic rules of the game to help you win over the house. Our blackjack strategy is tailor-made for all the variations of blackjack games.

For example, how many decks in blackjack should casino use? This varies from one casino to another and the numbers of decks of cards can arrange from anywhere between one and eight. Casinos use several decks of cards to limit the possibility of the player to count the number of cards.

As explained below, we have compiled blackjack strategy charts that will help players win at these regardless of the odds.

Single deck blackjack strategy

Single deck blackjack strategy

This strategy is used when playing with 52 cards only. After the dealer awards your cards, the combination can be any of the following in the table. Using the chart, a player can know which option to take and ensure you are ahead of the dealer.

2 deck blackjack strategy

Players use the odds of the strategy to help them win. The odds are very similar to those of the single deck game. Our well-elaborated chart helps players decide on which step to take in the game. During the session, players can always refer to the chart as a guideline.

2 deck blackjack strategy

Multi-deck strategies in blackjack

As the number of deck increases, so do odds of each game change. We have also compiled charts that you can use when playing 4 decks, 6 decks or 8 decks. Players can choose from the strategies depending on the move that the house will take at the tables.

Multi-deck strategies in blackjack photo 1

The strategy charts below shown below will help players’ multi-deck games variations.

Multi-deck strategies in blackjack photo 2

This chart is used when the dealer chooses to stand on a soft 17. In case he hits at soft 17, the player can choose an option that is slightly different.

Blackjack switch odds for guaranteed wins

Blackjack cheat sheets are also available for players who love the blackjack switch option.

Blackjack switch odds for guaranteed wins

Most situations do not need that the player ask for more cards during a gaming session. There are also instances where the chart suggests that a player should not split eights. All players should study the charts carefully before each game as this will help them make decisions quickly and hence, win against the house.

Our blackjack strategy charts are developed form mathematical calculations to give odds that give players a chance at the winnings.

How to count cards in blackjack

What is blackjack card counting and how does it help players win against the house?

Card counting strategies have been used by players to help them win at the house. Dealers consider these illegal and players need to take precaution anytime they result in blackjack counting systems. Players learn how to count cards in the games, including the high value and the low-value cards that have already been used.

Using this information, a player is able to know the cards which have not been used at the table and the calculations give them a winning edge over the house.


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